Easy Homemade Lip Balm Recipes

Getting your lips in shape is always very important. Not only can the chapping and the dry lips be a very Easy Homemade Lip Balm Recipespainful and uncomfortable ordeal but the ashy look can also be very embarrassing.

The only problem not many people are for the idea of buying lip balm from companies that have become more interested in making a profit than the safety of their consumers. However, you don’t have to take the risk.

You can simply make your own homemade lip balm yourself that will serve the same purpose if not better. Here are some recipes that will make a lip balm that will make your lips soft and luscious.

Homemade Lavender lip balm.

The best part about this lip balm is the fact that it involves the use of essential oils. These have a great ability to help you make a great lip balm that has some very edgy luscious abilities not to mention that it also has honey as part of the ingredients which gives it a great taste. For this particular

Taking Good Care Of Your Looks And Health

Everyone believes in exercising and right eating for looking and feeling great. However, this process mixedTaking Good Care Of Your Looks And Health with good quality supplements is capable of improving the physical beauty of the person as well as the overall physical and mental health. It is worth remembering that there are certain nutrients that are not produced by the body, required for its normal functioning. These are available to the body through supplementation.

Beauty Supplements to Nourish the Hair, Nails and Skin

One of the main causes of hair loss and thinning is iron-deficiency anemia, resulting in lowered levels of red blood cells that are vital for hair follicular health. It is successfully treated with iron supplements containing vitamin C, which helps to promote iron absorption. Research studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for good nail health. This is available by supplementation with foods such as walnuts, flax seeds, fishes like mackerel, salmon, sardines etc. Regular consumption of biotin, an important B vitamin, plays a vital role in preventing nail breakage. Skin health is

Tips To Care For Your Dry Hair

Dry hair faces more risks of breakage. There are many remedies especially when it comes to hair careTips To Care For Your Dry Hair products, but the truth is that not all will work effectively in keeping your mane more moisturized. The secret to fixing dry hair issues is to take good care of it. This is something you can easily do and see results without having to spend too much of money. Here are tips to help you take good care of dry hair to avoid hairfall and other problems.

    • Don’t over-wash your hair. Too much washing can exacerbate the problem making it rough. In as much as hygiene is important, you want to also give it a rest once in a while. You can also condition it without having to wash it to be comfortable. You can condition the hair every night, but washing it every two nights.
    • Try using argon oil. It is a great remedy for dry hair since it has emollients that soften and shine the hair. It also makes the hair silky hence making

How to Teach content writing like a Pro?


The ability to write a good content comes by persistence and practice. It won’t occur in one day! However, if you write more and more, you will gain experience in this field. You will start to see your content writing improve and mature. In this post, I am going to tell you few amazing secrets to writing like a pro.


  1. Make your points.

There is no need to write irrelevant stuff in content as it can lack the quality of your content. You can make your point and after that move on.

It is well known fact that the folks would like to get to the action. So, you should always use descriptive words in order to invite readers into the scene but this is not enough. You have to state your idea very strongly. You can give strong examples.

  1. Be surprising

You can do surprise your audience by opening with a vivid scene, or with a quote. For example, if you are explaining familiar things, you can write it in way that makes audience rethink their prior conceptions.

  1. Revise

It is important to revise your content

How to Care for Bleached Hair

Here’s a look at how to do this in three stages.

Stage 1: Before

Bleaching damages your hair because it can remove much of its moisture. Before going about the whole process, make sure that your hair is in a healthy and good condition.

  • Deep Conditioner – Use a deep conditioner each time you take a bath.
  • Hair Mask – These are very concentrated conditioning creams that you can apply every week. Hair masks are cheap to buy in any drug store. If you want to go natural, you can use extra virgin olive oil. Saturate it on hair, cover and leave for a duration of thirty to sixty minutes. Do this several times in one week prior to bleaching your hair.
  • Leave-on Conditioner – You may use leave on or just your regular conditioner. Pour a pea-sized amount and apply on your still damp hair.

Stage 2: Between

If you have dark hair, it would take some rounds of bleaching before your hair turns blonde. The catch here is your hair would really look funny. However, be that as it may, you NEED to wait in between these bleaches. If you won’t, your hair will melt

Indoor Tans Vs Outdoor Tans

There are two ways to get a real tan – you can do outdoors in the sun, or you can do inside of a tanning booth at a salon. Each method of tanning has its benefits and weaknesses:

  • Indoor Tanning -It allows you to control the amount of time you spend in the sun, ideally to reduce burning. It also allows you to tan during winter when it is too cold to do outdoors. Tanning booths however can be more dangerous, especially when they are used too often.
  • Outdoor Tanning – It is arguably more enjoyable. You can play sports or enjoy the water, tanning in the process. It also may not be quite as dangerous on a UV basis, in terms of how much UV exposure you receive in a similar amount of time. But outdoor tanning is also inexact, since your entire body is not subjected to UV rays at any given time. In addition, it is very easy to spend too long in the sun and get a severe burn, because there is less control while you are tanning.

Clearly there are a variety of differences between these two tanning methods. However, there are

Steps To Looking Ten Years Younger

Both men and women’s bodies age faster after they reach 40 years old. Without proper diet and exercise, your body will age about 6 months for every year, according to studies. Approximately 90% of the people start to lose muscle mass once they are over 35 years old. The good news is, you don’t need to have so much money just to have the face of your dreams. By following the few steps and tips of diet provided in this article, you will be able to discover the key to looking few years younger!

1. Stop Blaming Everything On How Old You Are:

People who use age as the reason for why they are fat, are denying that they are fat because they eat, think, and move like a fat, old, person. Studies have shown that men and women even in their golden years were able to gain muscle tone in just a matter of weeks of simple weight training.

2. Forget Low Fat Diets:

As they have pointed out, if these fad diets really were to work, we wouldn’t have so many people lose the weight just to gain back more and we

Keeping Your Lips in the Pink of Health

Well, the good news is black, dark lips are mostly caused by unhealthy habits that even the best of us have and if we just have the determination to do a 360 degree change of such habits, then the road to pink, healthy lips is ours to take. Check out these tips to keeping your lips in the “pink” of health:

1. Don’t Smoke

First and foremost, the number one tip to follow for pink, healthy lips is to avoid smoking or stop smoking if you are into that habit. Cigarettes have nicotine which is a proven lip darkening component. It may be hard to quit but then the rewards that await are also great because having pink, luscious lips is just one of the many.

2. Refrain from Drinking Coffee or Tea

Both coffee and tea contain caffeine which pretty much works the way nicotine in cigarettes do. Moreover, caffeine can stain your teeth which is not exactly attractive to look at especially if you’re a girl. If you need to drink any of these drinks, try minimizing it first and then once you’ve gotten used to that amount of drinking, you can

Natural Hair Care With Coconut Oil

Natural Hair Conditioner… Use Organic Coconut Oil!

Last week, while we were preparing for our niece’s wedding, Rob took a picture of me with Katie and Ricky (bride and groom) at the wedding venue. When I saw the picture, I said, “What is that on my head that’s supposed to be my hair?!” Granted, it was very humid that day, but I looked like Phyllis Diller had stuck her finger in an electrical socket!

I set off on a mission to change that and ended up in the hair care department of my local drug store. I was desperate. What I found was stuff that cost at a minimum $35 – $40.00, and I would only use it once and throw it away. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and as a rule, I wouldn’t even consider using chemical junk on my hair.

Ultimately, I left without buying anything. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the expensive poison.

Back at home, I searched on the net for a natural hair conditioner and came up with coconut oil!

I worked a tablespoon of Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil into damp hair and combed

Tips for Healthier Nails

There are people who struggle who keep their nails healthy. Some of them just do not know how to conduct themselves to keep the nails strong and healthy. Luckily for them, this article is aimed at educating them on such matters. Below are some of the tips on what they can do.

1. Always apply moisturizer to your hands

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to have healthy nails and hands. Hydrated hands are always the best. Nothing works better for dry hands than applying moisturizeron a daily basis in order to keep them healthy. Rub some lotion to the nails to moisturize your nails. Before you apply the moisturizer, make sure your hands are clean. Do not apply the moisturizer on wet hands though. It will not be effective.

2. Keep your fingers dry and avoid chemical cleaners

Fingers are highly affected by too much water. Therefore, try not to get into contact with water regularly in cases such hand washing. Constant contact in water and drying it off will dehydrate the nail beds. This causes the nails to become brittle and dry which can lead to them cracking. This is

Eyes Made Bigger and Better

It does not really matter how small your eyes are. These tips and tricks are guaranteed to make them bigger-whether you want them to appear really huge or just have that popping effect to them.

1. Groom your eyebrows

Whoever said that unkempt eyebrows are OK should definitely take the highway. Really, unkempt eyebrows are very unflattering-for men and women alike! Make sure to keep your eyebrows in good shape. Invest in salon trips at scheduled intervals to keep them groomed. If you are confident about your grooming skills, then you can go ahead and groom your brows yourself. Just make sure to follow your eyes’ natural shape, and you’ll do fine.

2. Conceal dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles definitely make you look older, if not tired. Technically, concealing these circles does not really make your eyes appear bigger. But we all know that dark circles can grab anyone’s attention. It’s better to conceal them, rather than have someone check out your eyes for the wrong reasons.

3. White eye shadow is better

Even makeup artists would give you this tip. White eye shadow gives the illusion of eyes that

Tips on Everyday Make Up

We always want to look our best and be in sync with the latest fashion trends. So here is one of the latest make-up trends that has been spreading like wildfire: the natural look. Although, going outside of the house without any make-up is generally not the preferred solution to this trend.

Essentially, we keep the everyday make-up look to a minimum, although we still want to create that beautiful flawless, radiant and natural sheen that a professional make-up artist could give to our face. So here are some tips to help achieve a fabulous professional make-up look every day.

1. First off, before applying make-up is the preparation of the face. Clean and moisturise it so that the make-up goes on more smoothly.

2. Then, use a primer, and apply on the areas that need to be evened out before the foundation.

3. There is no need to have special make-up training in order to know some tricks to cover any discoloration and blemishes on the skin. For example, under the eyes apply a concealer that is a shade lighter than the actual skin tone. Later it will even out with the application

Tips On Choosing The Best Haircut For The Shape Of Your Face

Many women love having their hair cut and styled that they visit their favorite salon more than once a month. Others, however, usually cringe at the thought of going to a hair salon that they would only step in such a place twice or even once a year.

The simple reason why there are many women who abhor going to a salon is because they had one or more bad experiences with the haircut that they got. The hairstyle they got was so unflattering and worse, made their tresses very hard to manage and because of this experience, they are afraid of or hate going to a salon. They seldom go to see a professional hairdresser and they would even choose to trim or cut their hair on their own.

If you also had a bad haircut and now dread going to any salon, you just need to remember that when it comes to haircuts, not all styles will look good on you; the right, flattering hairstyle will depend largely on the shape of your face. As such, the reason why you may have had an unflattering haircut before is because the style is not the

Get a Base Tan If You Have Pale Skin

You would want to look for a base tan builder or a tanning lotion. Usually, these have high moisturizer levels and just the right accelerator levels for your particular type of skin. The market is flooded with many lotion brands and some of them have already found their way to professional salons. Among the long-established and popular brands are names such as Most Products, Tan Incorporated Brown Sugar, Emperor and Hoss Sauce Ultra Dark, Ultimate Carbon and many others.

A tanning bed should be your next consideration. It is of vital importance that you do not overdo your tanning sessions. Do not tan every day and do not stay in for more than the recommended time. What we have discovered is that it is best to tan every other day and for no more than 3 times a week. You need to give your skin enough time between sessions to properly build your tan. Avoid overexposure but if your skin is already burning, stop tanning until it fully recovers. Some people are on the opinion that they need to burn in order to acquire tan but this notion is quite counterproductive and not the best option for

Tips To Finding The Best Beauty Therapists

When it comes to finding a beauty therapist, it is important that you find someone you can rely on and trust. Whether you are having semi-permanent eyelash extensions or you are considering a facial or other treatment, knowing you can trust your therapist will help you relax, enjoy the experience with the knowledge that you will enjoy the best end result.

This means that you don’t want to choose just any company. You are going to want to find the best company you feel is going to provide you with the service and support you need and deserve. One of the first steps is to take a look at the salons in your local area to identify which ones are offering the services that you need. The local area may be close to your home for convenience or close to your office, enabling you to stop in during your lunch break or on your way to or from work. Always focus on location, they should be ideally located with ample parking, so you can just make your appointment and arrive to have the treatment you need with minimal fuss and frustration.

Then you will want to

Aloe Vera Gel And Its Advantages

Nature harbors cure for various diseases. One of the most wonderful gifts of nature is an Aloe Vera plant. This plant is popularly known as a miracle plant owing to its healing effects. It contains various minerals & vitamins ingredients that makes it a perfect healer of various diseases. Due to its curing nature, it finds tremendous usage in various medicines.

Owing to its healing properties, various beauty products making companies as well as pharmaceutical companies are using Aloe Vera to manufacture their products. These products are very popular in various portions of the world owing to the fact that this doesn’t show any side effect. It is basically an herb & rich in various minerals, vitamins & acids. These minerals & vitamins have the healing properties. This curing nature makes it a perfect healer for various skin & hair related diseases.

One of the most popular product that is widely demanded in various parts of the world is the Aloe Vera Gel. It is basically developed using this herb along with some other natural ingredients. It is basically used in curing various ailments of the skin. It acts as a perfect shield to UV rays

Quick And Easy Skin Whitening Tips

Many people nowadays use skin whitening creams. These skin whitening creams are not healthy for the skin, instead of using these skin whitening creams one should use natural things to make your skin healthy and glowing. There are many tips by which you can easily protect your skin from the ultraviolet sunrays. Following are some tips:

Skin Whitening Face Wash

Personally, I will recommend not to purchase the fancy and expensive face washes from the market. Why? Because, now you can easily prepare an extremely beneficial and good face wash at your home by yourself with the use of natural ingredients. These homemade face washes are highly beneficial for the skin and they add beauty to your skin as well as make it glowing and fresh.

Skin Whitening Facials

We all know this fact very well that the skin on our face is highly sensitive and delicate, it needs care, attention and time to make it healthy. It needs whitening inside and out. Thus, to make your skin, healthy and beautiful, you must use the following organic items collectively by mixing them and make a paste of it and apply it on the face

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile and Your World

It’s all in the smile. Scientists have done copious amounts of research into the mental, physical, and social effects that come about when a person shows off their smile. The overwhelming consensus from the medical and psychological communities is that this simple act not only expresses happiness but also can actually create happiness. And, on top of that, it can create happiness in those around you. Unfortunately, some people, whether because of self-consciousness or a lack of self-confidence, actively shy away from flashing their beaming grin. Those people may often be worried about stained or crooked teeth. If that’s the case, people who are holding back their smile should consider cosmetic dentistry. It’s not about vanity or personal appearance only; holding a serious expression can impact the world within and around an individual.

For starters, smiling actually releases a number of chemical compounds in your brain that improve your overall mood. A smile releases endorphins, the same neurotransmitters the body produces after physical activity. Endorphins are the brain’s naturally produced anti-depressants. A smile also releases amounts of serotonin, which many pharmaceuticals attempt to recreate. Serotonin acts as a sedative, lowering the heart rate and even blood pressure,

Laser Hair Removal

When determining whether hair removal is worth it, you need to examine the benefits that come with it. One of the major benefits of laser hair removal is time and money saved. Think of the time and money you save even after paying for it. It’s seriously a lot!

What are the Benefits?

This shows that it is accessible and affordable to most people. However, some people wonder whether it is worth it in terms of pain, cost and effectiveness.

It results in permanent removal of unwanted hair. Some statistics shows that you will be able to lose 60-90% of targeted hair within six months of treatment. These lasers are an effective treatment for ingrown hair and the best option for those who have sensitive skin. The pain factor in laser hair treatment may vary from person to person. Most people describe the pain as a gentle pinch or just like a snap of a rubber band. The pain may also vary from different parts of the body during treatment. Either way, the procedure, is virtually painless.

So, if your wardrobe has an endless supply of shorts, skirts, and swimsuits, then this is not

How To Live Longer Better For Free

What if I could tell you how to add years to your life and that it wouldn’t cost you a cent. Would you want to know? I’m not kidding, there is such a quality. It’s called ATTITUDE – positive mental attitude.

The multiple benefits of a positive mental attitude have been the focus of many of history’s greats. William James summed-up most of what we know about attitude when he said, ‘The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes’.

The good news is that having and maintaining a positive attitude is dead-set simple.

Viktor Frankl came up with his ‘theory’ on the importance of a positive attitude as a result of four years of slave labour in Nazi death camps (his wife and parents died in the Holocaust). After liberation by American troops, Frankl wrote an account of how his camp experience shaped his philosophy and psychotherapy. More than 10 years later, the book was published in America as Man’s Search for Meaning (its original German title was, Nevertheless, Say ‘Yes’ to Life: A Psychologist Experiences the Concentration Camp). The book has become a classic.